crooked fingers studio


I've always found joy coloring outside the lines and creating the unexpected. So, I hope you find joy browsing my website and keeping up with the creative ideas that flow through my crooked fingers and finally rest with a heartfelt piece for you, or someone you love, to enjoy!

I base my designs off organic, earthy ideas with a few whimsical and fun additions. I don't mass produce my work, so each piece is a one-of-a-kind. Perhaps wearing one of my pieces will encourage conversation, friendship, or a smile! Or perhaps a "what is that?" from an observer.

There are currently five collections representing my grandchildren appropriately named:

SmartyPants - She outsmarts us all! 

Howl of the Wild - She loves wolves!

Wiggles - She's like a dancing butterfly!

Wheelies - He loves trucks and anything with wheels!

Chunky Monkey - Her elbow dimples are adorable!

And my newest collection: Little White Shed where I use oddities from washers to water faucet handles. Up-cycling!

I hope you enjoy my polymer art creations, and if you just can't live without one then I hope it brings you joy and you'll feel like a one-of-a-kind yourself . . . because you are!